Humboldt Conservation Camp

Humboldt Conservation Camp

8105 Conservation Road
P.O. Box 1069
Winnemucca, Nevada 89446
PHONE:(775) 623-6530

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Humboldt Conservation Camp

Administrative Staff:
Robert LeGrand, Warden
Ron Schreckengost, Associate Warden
Quentin Byrne, Associate Warden
Lt. Keith Carey, Camp Manager


Located in Humboldt County, Humboldt Conservation Camp officially opened in 1986, and is made up from 22 trailers brought down from the Alaskan pipeline project. Humboldt Conservation Camp is an NDF fire camp, and can have up to six 12 man crews fighting fire at any given time. During the off time of firefighting, the crews spend their days doing project work, such as highway clean-up for Department of Transportation, or working in the local community. Work crews are available for hire in the local community by contacting the NDF Supervisor at (775) 623- 6535.


Humboldt Conservation Camp consist of a total of 12 positions. Breakdown is as follows:

  • 1 Correctional Lieutenant
  • 1 Correctional Sergeant
  • 1 Senior Correctional Officer
  • 1 Correctional Caseworker
  • 8 Correctional Officers
  • 1 Storekeeper
  • Capacity:

    Humboldt Conservation Camp has a total of 76 two man rooms, giving it the capacity of 152 minimum custody inmates.


    General Population: Saturday and Sunday – 12:15pm to 4:00pm

    Programs: Vocational Training, Educational Opportunities, and Treatment Services

    Humboldt Conservation Camp offers a wide range of programs for all of the inmate population and an opportunity to enroll in educational classes in pursuit of a GED, and high school diploma. Humboldt Camp also coordinates with the Nevada Division of Forestry (NDF) in training of inmates to work on fire fighting crews during fire season.

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